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March 13, 2018 10:02 PM

More Indoor Baseball And Softball Options In Sioux Falls

Sioux Falls, SD

If you're looking to improve your baseball or softball skills this time of year, there are not many indoor options in this area.

However, a growing number of businesses hope to change that.

At just 11 years old, this will be Destiny Trottier's seventh season of softball.

"It's my favorite sport just because I've been playing it so long," Trottier said.

Trottier is stepping up her game by stepping up to the plate at D-BAT. The softball and training facility recently opened in Sioux Falls. It's part of a quickly growing national chain.

"Their eyes light up, and they're jumping up and down," instructor Raymond Williams said.

Williams is an instructor at D-BAT.  He also played college and independent ball. Williams says players from the South, where it is warm year round, often have an advantage.

"They have different leagues: a winter, fall and summer league. We're just stuck until the summer," Williams said.

With a growing number of indoor facilities in the area, Williams hopes that changes. D-BAT has ten cages where you can practice hitting, throwing and catching.

In addition to the cages, there's also a throwing wall at D-BAT. It can help you with your velocity and throwing power.

"You don't just go and hit a baseball. That gets boring. Now we have HitTrax and other pitching technologies," Williams said.

Williams believes that technology has helped baseball score more young players. After years of the sport being on the decline, the latest report shows youth participation is on the rise.

"That element of technology has brought the game from down here back to America's pastime," Williams said.

A pastime Trottier is now enjoying more often.

"It just helps you with your batting in the winter because there are so many outside but not many indoor," Trottier said.

A new indoor facility that's hoping to hit a home run.

The latest report from the Sports & Fitness Industry Association found that baseball and softball combined are the most participated sport in the country.

In addition to D-BAT, several other training facilities have also recently opened in the area, including Schulte Edge Sports.

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