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March 12, 2018 06:41 PM

When Will 70-Degree Weather Return?

Sioux Falls

Sunny skies were seen across KELOLAND on Monday with temperatures warming to the 30s and 40s. While many locations remained below average, that will change later this week with 50s and 60s being possible.

But I'm not stopping with highs in the 60s, I'm going above and beyond and looking to see when we usually get our first 70-degree day. Since 1990, eastern KELOLAND usually gets a day or two of 70-degree weather while central and western KELOLAND get as much as two or three days of 70-degree heat.

While those records go back to 1990, going back to when records were kept shows we usually get our first 70 degree day late in March and into April.

April 1 is the average date Sioux Falls gets to 70. While eastern KELOLAND shows the first 70 in late March to early April, western and south central South Dakota get their first 70 at the beginning of March.

There's a chance parts of western South Dakota will get to 70 on Wednesday, but don't think this type of air will stick around as colder air will return next week. 
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