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March 12, 2018 02:51 PM

Storm Center Update - Monday PM, March 12

A low pressure system spinning through Nebraska is carrying some high clouds through southern KELOLAND, bringing a general increase in cloud cover. Temperatures have been below normal, with most places in the 30s, along with a light northerly breeze.

 Sioux Falls South Dakota skycam

Tonight we’ll see the skies clear as high pressure takes over. There may be enough moisture in low lying areas to produce some patchy fog. Overnight lows will be in the low teens with little or no wind.

 South Dakota weather forecast temperatures

Tomorrow will be a sunny day thanks to high pressure parked over KELOLAND. That also means there will be little or no wind. Despite the sunshine, temperatures will remain slightly below normal East River, in the 30s. Western South Dakota will be warmer, with Rapid City getting up over 50 degrees.

 Tuesday South Dakota weather forecast

Wednesday will be another sunny day, with very light winds. Temperatures will be even warmer. Sioux Falls and SE KELOLAND will be around 50, while cooler air will come into NE South Dakota from the NE, keeping temperatures in the upper 30s. Rapid City will be exceptionally warm, up around 60 degrees.

 Wednesday South Dakota weather forecast temperatures

On Thursday we’ll see some cooler air invade northern South Dakota, keep temperatures there in the upper 30s under partly cloudy skies. But the rest of the area should see stronger sunshine, pushing through the 40s in most of eastern KELOLAND and the 50s in the west.


Significant differences make the weekend forecast a mess. Various models give us strongly different suggestions about temperatures and precipitation chances. At this point we’ll put chances of rain or snow in the places where there are hints of them, but without much confidence in any specific day for precipitation. Temperature-wise, we’ll keep the forecasts near- or slightly warmer than normal through the weekend.

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