Digital Advertising “Getting The Most From Your Dollar”

By KELOLAND Digital Marketing Solutions

Let’s face it, digital advertising is confusing. What is a business owner to do?  Facebook? Twitter? Search Engine Marketing? Targeted Display? Targeted Video? At this point, most business owners say “to heck with it,” and hire an advertising/marketing agency to handle all their digital advertising needs. While this may be effective, what you need to know is most local media companies, like KELOLAND Digital Marketing Solutions, offer the same types of digital products, services, and expertise that the advertising agencies do. Here are 5 reasons why you should consider working directly with your local media company for digital advertising rather than paying an agency.

  1. No Retainer.  Most agencies will charge you a flat fee per month just to have you as a client.  We don’t.  Use your ad budget for ads not fees.
  2. Inventory Buying Power.  With most local media companies belonging to a larger corporate entity, they have access to high quality and brand safe inventory to serve your ads as well as buying power.  Most agencies utilize the Google Display network due to the low raw cost, which results in a higher mark up and higher profit margin for the agency itself.   We’ll show you the difference.
  3. No Charge Creative.  During your digital campaign, it is likely you will run several different sets of creative. In the agency world, you are going to get charged for the time it takes to create every single one of those ads. Your local media company typically offers free creative development in terms of display ads etc.   And we’re good too.
  4. Personalized Service.  Local media reps take the time to uncover your opportunities for success, the challenges you are facing, and the strategies you are currently utilizing.  They also ensure your digital campaigns are a success with real measurable results above and beyond key performance indicators like “impressions, clicks, and likes.” We understand you want to see customers convert and we have the technology and know how to do just that.
  5. More Media, Less $.  At the end of the day it can be a numbers game. It’s all about reaching the right person, at the right time, with the right message. With more of your advertising budget going towards the actual media and not management fees, retainers, and creative charges, it enhances your chances to do just that.

While choosing to go the agency route when planning your digital strategy may seem like an efficient way for you to get one more thing off of your to do list, it could be costing you more for less return. Do yourself a favor, click here for a free consultation with KELOLAND Digital Marketing Solutions and let’s compare apples to apples.

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