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April 16, 2018 11:24 AM

Sturgis Files Motion To Intervene In Incorporated Town Case

Sturgis (AP)

The city of Sturgis is seeking permission from the South Dakota Supreme Court to intervene in the state's case challenging the incorporation of the town of Buffalo Chip.

Sturgis filed a motion Thursday, citing the need for the city to protect its interests.

City Manager Daniel Ainslie says Sturgis wants the state's high court to review more issues surrounding the case, including whether Buffalo Chip met the 30-voters threshold to form a town. Ainslie says Buffalo Chip only had eight registered voters at the time of the town's incorporation.

City attorney Greg Barnier says Buffalo Chip violates state law because it's less than 3 miles away from Sturgis' municipal airport.

Buffalo Chip's attorney Kent Hagg says Sturgis has no legal basis to file the motion.
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